Trust in Justice Project

Unveiling Truth, Rebuilding Trust, Restoring Faith

In a society built on principles of justice and fairness, it is crucial that citizens have unwavering trust in our judicial system. The Trust in Justice Project is a groundbreaking initiative committed to understanding and addressing the declining trust in America’s legal institutions. 

Phase One: The National Survey

Our investigation began with a comprehensive national survey where we sought to grasp the sentiments of the average citizen. The survey measured the public’s trust and confidence in the main institutions in our justice system: law enforcement, the court system (including the Supreme Court), Congress, and our corrections system.

The results were eye-opening, revealing how the public viewed the perceived bias of the courts and police, how well they thought the justice system worked, how fair they thought the courts and the overall system worked, how well they understood the system, and how the media’s reporting on the system contributed to their views.

Phase Two: Delving Deeper with Focus Groups

Building on the insights gained from the survey, we have entered the second phase of the Trust in Justice Project. Through a series of thoughtfully designed focus groups, we aim to delve deeper into the root causes behind the erosion of trust in our legal system. These sessions are intended to open dialogue, provide a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and concerns, and to discover pathways to restoring trust in our legal institutions.

What We Aim to Discover:

 1. Underlying Concerns

Uncover the specific issues and experiences that contribute to distrust in the judicial system.

 2. Systemic Challenges

Identify any systemic challenges within the legal framework that may erode public confidence.

 3. Improvement for Building Trust

Explore potential solutions and reforms that could enhance transparency, fairness, and accessibility within the legal system.

Get Involved

Please join the growing number of organizations involved in supporting this initiative. If you would like to support this vital research, email Richard Gabriel to inquire about how you can contribute.

Organizations in Support of the Trust in Justice Project:

  • Act of Communication
  • American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA)
  • American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC)
  • Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services
  • Courtroom Performance
  • First Court
  • Focus Litigation Consulting
  • Harbinger Jury Consultants
  • IMS Consulting and Expert Services
  • Jeffrey Frederick Trial Consulting Services
  • Judy Rothschild
  • Karen Hurwitz & Associates
  • Kuehn Trial Consulting
  • Litigation Consultants of Hawaii
  • Litigation Tech
  • Lundgren Trial Consulting
  • Magna Legal Services
  • Malekpour & Ball Litigation Strategy
  • National Board of Trial Advocacy
  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA)
  • National Jury Project Litigation Consulting
  • Persuasion Strategies
  • Strategic Insights Research
  • The Caissa Group
  • Tobin Trial Consulting
  • Trial Dynamics
  • Trial Science
  • Trialcraft

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