Focus Groups

We provide the perspective of real people to help define and refine your case story.

Goal: To specifically define and develop big picture case issues and refine case themes. To get in-depth feedback from jurors about how they see individual evidence, testimony, and demonstrative exhibits and what they expect from witness and attorney presentations.

Decision Analysis specializes in a unique method of conducting focus group research. This type of research provides insight into the specific issues jurors focus on, how they start to put together their story of the case, the evidence and law that supports their interpretation or story of “what happened.” This also reveals potential needed testimony from expert and lay witnesses as well alerting us to case vulnerabilities and areas of potential juror confusion.

This research is usually done with two back-to-back groups with one group of ten to twelve “jurors” in the morning and a separate group in the afternoon. This can be repeated the following day to delve into additional issues. Alternatively, groups can be scheduled days or even weeks apart to test various arguments or issues in your case.

Focus group research can be conducted in-person or online. While each option has its own benefits, both options produce the same high-quality information from mock jurors.

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