Gabriela Cedré

Director of Operations

Gabriela has been with Decision Analysis for over five years, and specializes in graphic and presentation design

Gabriela Cedré has a M.S. in Forensic Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles. Upon entry to her Master’s program, Gabriela was awarded the NIH funded Research Initiative for the Scientific Enhancement Graduate Fellowship. At Cal State LA her studies emphasized eyewitness memory and jury decision-making research. Her master’s thesis focused on how jurors’ biases against a defendant influenced their memory processes and even caused some jurors to develop false memories for evidence that was never presented.

Gabriela has worked on many civil and criminal cases, including medical malpractice, employment, personal injury and wrongful death, antitrust, and white collar crime matters. Additionally, she has experience with conducting post-trial interviews with jurors, creating jury questionnaires, designing trial graphics and opening statement PowerPoints, and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from research projects.

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