CLEs and Training

We provide interactive training that give attorneys practical, applicable litigation skills they can use to better prepare witnesses, select juries, and position their cases to favorably settle or win at trial.

We train these groups and more.

• National, state, and local bar associations
• Law firms
• National conferences, institutes, and associations
• Governmental agencies
• Judicial associations
• Law schools
• Webinars for independent CLE providers

Each program we conduct is specifically designed to address the specific issues and concerns of that firm, group, association, or organization. We take advanced persuasion, psychological research, and communication skills combined with years of successful trial experience and translate them into practical, applicable skills that attorneys and their clients can use to better understand, settle and try cases.

Here are some recent programs we have provided: 

Richard Gabriel, “Storytelling for Opening Statements and Closing Arguments,” Given via webinar hosted by Clear Law Institute, August 20, 2020.

Richard Gabriel and John Brydon, “What Trial Lawyers Need to Know To Transition to Online Trials,” Given via webinar hosted by Primerus, August 13, 2020

Richard Gabriel, “Stories Are Stronger than Evidence,” Given via webinar host by Decision Analysis, June 17, 2020. 

Richard Gabriel, “Crisis Communication to Position Cases in Litigation,” Given via webinar hosted by Primerus, June 9, 2020. 


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