Pulse Surveys

Understand your venue and jury pool

The Community Pulse Survey is an online research tool polling a large sample of 100 – 400 respondents in a given venue on key juror characteristics, attitudes, and case issue questions. Participants in the survey will be jury qualified residents of the venue or venues being examined. All respondents are screened for jury qualification and are then asked a series of questions designed to identify their attitudes toward key issues that may impact potential verdict preference, case valuation, and potential sources of bias. The size of the community sample allows us to understand the characteristics of a given venue and learn what is driving the community’s baseline perceptions of the issues involved in the upcoming litigation. 

Once each survey is complete, a report is generated which summarizes the findings and provides insight into how those findings might impact discovery, witness preparation for deposition and trial, mediation and settlement positioning, damages assessment, story and theme development, trial strategy, and jury selection. Based on the results, further discussions can be held on how to address specific community perceptions and concerns for any future litigation, and recommendations can be given on how to leverage any areas of strength while minimizing potential weaknesses.

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