Plaintiff Case Structure

With decades of experience in civil litigation, we have identified the key variables that lead to large Plaintiff verdicts. Having analyzed thousands of cases, we know what jurors, mediators, and arbitrators are looking for when evaluating cases and determining high damage awards.

With this experience we have developed a system for any civil case that optimizes your chances of achieving a large verdict. Using the latest research in psychology, law, and communications, we work with you to develop an effective story that is geared toward increasing juror anger, empathy, and relationship to your client’s damages. Once the best case story is identified, we then help you organize and structure that story for maximum effect. The end result is a cohesive and compelling narrative designed to maximize your damages by appealing to the expectations and sensibilities of your fact finder.

Among the elements we focus on in developing the Plaintiff Case Structure:

  • Identifying the explicit and implicit rules and defense rule violations that leads a judge or jury to find liability
  • Identifying the emotional and behavioral flash points in the case that are likely to drive juror, judicial, or mediator ire
  • Clarifying through idiosyncratic background history and character development the real life and loss of a plaintiff
  • Categorizing and enumerating the quantified monetary equivalent of that loss

Let us help you find the best structure for your case.  

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