Online Case Survey Tool

Quickly test your case’s key issues

Our new Online Case Survey Tool allows respondents to view and respond to case presentations from home, on their own time, and provide feedback using a robust Internet survey tool that allows them to view case materials and short presentations from within the survey itself.

Participants in Case Surveyor Research initially answer a series of questions that assess their case-relevant attitudes about key issues in the case. They then receive a short overview of the case by viewing a series of written statements or multimedia presentations that are condensed versions of each side’s case and contain selected key information and arguments. Brief video content can be included. After each presentation, respondents answer a series of survey questions about the case that ask what they found persuasive and unpersuasive and what confused them.

These surveys are completed by a large number of jury-eligible respondents from the venue to provide a broad overview of their reaction to the case and learn how they think it can be improved. Each Case Surveyor Research is custom designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

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