Jury Selection

After utilizing all the information that Decision Analysis has evaluated from the jury research and the prospective jurors’ questionnaires, we look for specific nonverbal clues to reveal additional personality and psychological traits in the jurors that either conform to or contradict our prior evaluation. We then evaluate their social styles in conjunction with answers to voir dire questions and other juror responses to forecast the prospective jurors’ likely behavioral patterns and decision-making tendencies in the deliberation process. Jurors are also evaluated on leadership and group consensus traits to see how well they work with other jurors in arriving at a verdict. The criteria used in this evaluation process include: the answers potential jurors give, the way in which they answer (word choice, length of answers, articulation, nonverbal responses, etc.), and their interaction with other jurors, the attorneys, and the court. From this, we then compose a risk rating for each juror. Collectively, this information is used to strategically issue cause challenges and peremptory strikes as well as to develop profiles of the people who will decide the outcome of a case. We then formulate recommendations on how to present the case to specifically address the life experiences, attitudes, values, and decision styles of the sitting jury.

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