Damages Evaluation

This system is meant to improve the ability of attorneys, claims, and corporate counsel to better understand the litigation, settlement, and verdict value of a given case. While disputes over economic factors can be easier to assess and negotiate, non-economic and punitive damage factors are more subjective and difficult to analyze. Our new damages evaluation tool allows counsel and clients to better understand these subjective factors in order to create concrete values to assist in discovery, settlement negotiations and trial planning.

This evaluative tool allows counsel and clients to place value ranges on the numerous psychological factors that often drive the trajectory of settlement talks and case workup. This unique system takes into account the significant factors that affect case value but are often overlooked, dismissed, or not quantified when assessing the risk and cost of litigation. Some of the variables include client or juror emotion, mediator or judicial past experience with similar cases, reactions to the liability story of the case, and forecasting about future likelihood of economic or non-economic damages.

This system works in conjunction with the Case Analysis tool to combine both quantitative and qualitative measures to give counsel and clients a more accurate system to evaluate damages in a given case.

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