8-Step Case Story Development

Cases are rarely decided by the evidence and law – they are decided by the STORIES that are told using supporting evidence and law. The winning side always has the most compelling and believable story and telling a good story is very different than developing evidence, testimony, and legal arguments.

Our 8-Step Story Model helps you to develop a strong, cohesive narrative that will help jurors, judges, arbitrators, and mediators to understand and adopt your case positions. This model is developed from decades of research in thousands of cases and modifies successful stories from film, television, and literature. The 8-Step Story Model is a quick and easy way to organize your case, develop central themes, and tell the most convincing version of your case.

Included in this model is:

  1. Developing the relevant and evocative characteristics of your clients, witnesses, and opposing parties as well as their motivations and intentions.
  2. Defining the world and environment in which the people in your case operate in order to create context for judges and jurors to better understand the actions of the characters in your case story.
  3. Defining the normal behaviors of the characters in your case.
  4. Defining the conduct of the parties that conflicted with the normal operations of the parties’ normal world and behaviors.
  5. Defining how each of the parties reacted to this conflict.
  6. Defining how the conflicting behaviors escalated.
  7. Illustrating how the conflict escalated to a point of a climactic confrontation.
  8. Defining how the conflict was resolved.

Developing compelling narratives through this unique process actively engages a fact finder in your case and helps to drive their important liability, contractual, and damages decisions.

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