Online Focus Groups

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Online Focus Groups allow attorneys and their clients to get concrete feedback on their case from live jurors. Online Focus Groups are conducted with approximately 8-10 jury-qualified mock jurors per group being recruited to participate in a research exercise via videoconferencing platform with attorneys and clients viewing the presentations and subsequent discussions anonymously. Prior to the research, Decision Analysis consultants will work with the attorneys and clients to develop PowerPoint presentations for each side’s case that summarize their evidence, positions, and potential arguments and case narratives.

Participants will be given a link to join a video call at a designated time. A Decision Analysis consultant will act as host and the focus group moderator. After an initial introductory discussion of relevant case issues, the attorneys or moderator present each side’s PowerPoint presentation to the jurors via Screen Share, periodically pausing to hold a discussion with jurors about the information they are hearing, probing their understanding and comprehension of the presentations, learning in real-time how jurors are reacting to each side’s positions, and getting recommendations from them on how to better present the issues and evidence. The moderator then holds a final discussion with the jurors on their overall views of the case and solicit suggestions on how jurors think the case could be best improved. Finally, jurors complete an online survey questionnaire that captures their verdict preferences, their reactions to a number of key case issues, and their suggestions and recommendations for the case.

After the project, Decision Analysis provides a written report on the findings that analyzes the findings from the research and provides recommendations on how to best position the case.

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