Mirror Juries

Mirror Juries, sometimes called “shadow juries” are a rich source of information for trial teams during a trial.

Here’s how they work. When the jury for the trial is selected, we recruit mirror jurors to match the demographics and, more importantly, the psychographics of the seated jury. Each day of trial the mirror juries see only what the actual jury sees. They come in when the actual jury comes in, either physically or virtually. When the jury takes breaks, so do the mirror jurors. Thus, the mirror jurors are exposed to the exact same information as the actual jury. The mirror jurors are not told which side of the case is paying them for their time.

At the end of reach day of trial, the mirror jurors are interviewed using a set protocol. The protocol has general assessments of each side’s case, as well as specific questions geared toward what occurred that day in trial. This information is then compiled and shared with the trial team, along with recommendations and advice on ways to refine the case story and overall strategy.

This research methodology allows trial teams to get feedback on how the actual jury is likely processing the trial information in real time.

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