Whether it’s for trial, mediation, or arbitration, every case needs to effectively communicate its message—using graphics can help with that. Graphics can be used to illustrate your evidence, data, arguments, etc. in a compelling way that makes it easier for the jury or neutral factfinder to understand. They can also be used to emphasize a point or to breakdown a complex or abstract idea. We can help you create the essential visuals and graphics needed to articulate and reinforce your case’s theme, tone, and story.

We do this by analyzing case documents and/or mock juror reactions in research to identify the complex issues and areas of confusion that can be refined and organized in an illustrative way. Deeper than that, we transform your case arguments and evidence into a visual narrative.

Our graphics work focuses on distilling your story down to its essence. We also tailor our graphics to fit the individual needs of each case. While some cases need a captivating PowerPoint or a few images, others can require detailed graphics such as timelines, organizational charts, or animations. No matter what your needs, we are equipped to help you visually and persuasively tell your story.

Here are some of the types of graphics we can provide for your case:

  • Infographics – illustrate a complex idea, process, or organization by distilling it into visual steps or elements
  • Data visualizations – present data and statistics in an interesting way
  • Callouts – highlight important excerpts in a document
  • Timelines – visualize and organize key events in a case in chronological order
  • PowerPoint presentation design – we can start from scratch or redesign your current PowerPoint into an appealing and dynamic presentation

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