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Our Philosophy

Our training and education seminars and talks are designed around our main consulting philosophy: people make better decisions when their information is clear, organized, resonant, and is meaningful to their lives. As such, all our programs are participatory and designed so our participants can readily apply new skills and behaviors to their practices and companies.

Attorneys and Witnesses

Advocacy is a skill that can be taught. Decision Analysis has participated in more than twelve hundred trials and we have studied the behaviors that make attorneys and witnesses more persuasive – to jurors, judges, clients, and opposing counsel. We have designed dynamic programs to improve witness and attorney performance. More than “talking head” seminars, these programs are interactive, entertaining, and are geared toward giving attorneys and witnesses practical skills that easily translate to litigation practice. Over the past 30 years, we have trained thousands of lawyers all over the country to pick better juries, prepare witnesses better, and to more clearly and persuasively communicate their cases.

Program Examples

  • A New Model of Trial Advocacy
  • Storytelling – The Art and Stagecraft of Argument
  • Influencing Damages – Emotion and Economics
  • Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy – Rethinking Corporate Litigation
  • Clear, Credible, and Authentic – The Communication Skills of Great Witnesses
  • Becoming the Reptile – A Guide for Defense Lawyers
  • Chess – The Art of Selecting and Deselecting a Jury
  • TV Justice – What We learn from High Profile Trials
  • Positioning Your Case for Better Mediation Results

In-House & Corporate Training

We have extensively studied organizational culture and individual conduct that tends to drive up litigation expense and jury verdicts. In concert with outside or in-house counsel, we have customized programs to help companies and their corporate counsel identify training issues that can help identify issues for early resolution of cases, how to tailor discovery to position the case best for settlement or trial, how to work with outside counsel to best present the client or the company, and how to prevent conduct that results in lawsuits or company exposure.

Program Examples

  • Adverse Verdict Analysis – Learning from Bad Verdicts
  • Telling the Real Company Story
  • Understanding Corporate Culture that Creates Exposure
  • Through Their Eyes – Understanding the Opposing Mindset
  • How to Best Use Experts